NIPARMOX® is an innovative solution created by ACCIONA that solves the high energy cost of wastewater treatment, ensuring lower energy consumption.

The technology removes high nitrogen loads, using special bacteria. It is a versatile process as it can be adapted to varying inlet water conditions.

The application of the NIPARMOX® process provides additional capacity in the overall removal of nitrogen in a WWTP, reducing by 25% the aeration needs in the biological reactor, with the impact this has on the energy consumed by the treatment plant.

In addition, it completely eliminates the need to provide external organic matter and reduces energy consumption due to recirculation.


The process consists of a partial ammonium nitrification, where approximately 50% of the ammonium entering the process is oxidized, and an autotrophic denitrification with anammox bacteria, where the nitrite produced with the remaining ammonium is reduced to nitrogen gas.

Both ammonium oxidation and anammox denitrification are carried out simultaneously in a biofilm supported on mobile fillers, and in the sludge in suspension.

The process is controlled by an advanced algorithm that regulates the ammonium oxidation process based on ammonium and nitrate measurements at different points in the process.

The NIPARMOX® technologies, patented and validated in a series of R&D projects, are used in the Kütahya WWTP in Turkey.