Largest hydraulic infrastructure in Navarre

The Navarra Irrigation Channel was the first PPP irrigation project undertaken in Spain, and the largest hydraulic infrastructure in Navarra.

The 200 million euro project was a concession contract for the construction and operation of the 1st phase of the irrigation area of the Navarra Canal, with a covered area of 26,233 hectares (gross supply area) in the municipalities of Añorbe, Obanos and Puente la Reina, with a drainage length of 344 kilometres, 980 kilometres of roads and a demand of 90 hm3/year. The total length of the canal is 44 km, which included the construction of 48 km of roads and the installation of an 837 kW pump.


The water that supplies the canal comes from the Itoiz reservoir. This reservoir not only stores water but also generates electricity. The reservoirs that regulate the canal are those located at Villareta, Monreal and Artajona. Given that the canal is generally higher than the land it irrigates, the water moves mainly by gravity, and pumping units are hardly necessary.


The contract for Phase I of the Irrigation Area of the Navarra Canal was developed using the shadow toll system, whereby the Administration paid a monthly fee to the concessionary company for 30 years for the use and availability of the infrastructure, linked to the quality of the irrigation service offered by the latter. The project has been in operation since 2011.


  • Location: Navarra, Spain.
  • Contract type: Concession.
  • Infrastructure: Irrigation area of the Navarra Canal with a covered surface area of 26,233 hectares, a drainage length of 344 kilometres and a demand of 90 hm3/year. The contract also included 980 kilometres of roads.
  • Year of project completion: 2010

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