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ACCIONA's fifth wind farm in Australia

ACCIONA's fifth wind farm in Australia, with 157.5 MW of power and battery storage.

The wind farm is being constructed on cleared open and level land that is predominantly used for dairy farming.


The location is highly exposed to consistent winds, making the site ideal for wind powered electricity generation. Livestock grazing will continue around the wind turbines once construction is complete. 


In 2018, the Mortlake South Wind Farm was successful in the Victorian Renewable Energy Target (VRET) reverse auction. VRET is the Victorian Government’s legislated target aiming for 25% of electricity generation from renewable sources by 2020 and 40% by 2025.


  • Project Configuration: 35 x Nordex 4.5MW turbines
  • Capacity: up to 157.5 MW
  • Final planning approval: April 2017
  • Completion date: Mid 2022
  • Energy production: equivalent up to 117,000 households
  • Grid connection: 15km underground connection line to 220kV Terang substation
  • Tip Height: Ranges from 186m
  • Project value: $280M AUD
  • Project location: 5km from Mortlake in Moyne Shire


  • ACCIONA's fifth wind farm in Australia and third in Victoria
  • Prevents the emission of approximately 532,000 tonnes of CO2 from coal-fired power stations per year
  • About 100 jobs created during construction and 10 ongoing jobs in operation
  • Equipped with a battery storage facility of between 4 and 5 MW of power, to increase their performance and facilitate their integration into the grid

Key figures


megawatts (MW) capacity


equivalent households


wind turbines of 4.5 MW rated capacity each


tons of CO2 avoided per year


new jobs

technology and innovation

Energy Storage

This wind farm incorporates an energy storage facility in order to increase its performance and facilitate its integration into the power grid.  From Innovation, solutions are developed to increase flexibility and reduce the intermittency of renewable generation assets, improve the quality of the energy generated, favour its integration into the grid and enable greater access to renewable energies in the electricity system

Turbine for life

Project that contributes to increasing the useful life of wind turbines, to getting to know the state of the fleet and to detecting anomalous behaviour in order to optimise the management and the operation and maintenance costs of the assets. 

For the analysis of the remaining life of the structural components we work on developing physical models. Two lines of work are being carried out to predict failures in ACCIONA's wind turbine fleet: the development of WindBrain® to detect abnormal behaviour, and the use of Machine Learning to identify failure patterns in wind components.

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The Mortlake South Wind Farm brings significant economic activity with a positive effect on the region.

  • Generation of 80-100 construction jobs
  • Up to 10 ongoing operations and maintenance jobs on site for the life of the project (~20+ years)
  • Substantial additional economic focus in the Moyne Shire, complementary to ongoing dairying, grazing, cropping, tourism and service activities
  • Substantial increase in the Moyne Shire’s rates base
  • Diversified income for host landowners
  • A targeted Shared Benefits Program to strategically deliver added value to the local region for the operational life of the project



ACCIONA is committed to improving the social and economic platform of the region and sharing the benefits of the project as widely and equitably as possible. 

The Mortlake South Wind Farm Shared Benefits Program comprises of several initiatives:

  • Sponsorship program
  • Scholarship program
  • Community benefit fund



Owners of residential dwellings within 4 kilometres of a Mortlake South Wind Farm wind turbine generator can apply for landscaping to help reduce the visual impact of the wind farm. This Program is a requirement of our Planning Permit.

If you own a dwelling within 4kms of the wind farm, please click here for the Expression of Interest Form. Eligible applicants will receive a visual screening assessment from a qualified landscape architect who can design a plan to suit your needs and preferences. ACCIONA will arrange this meeting and cover all costs involved for the plan, tree planting and maintenance for 3 years.


We are accepting EOI's for the Offsite Landscaping Program until 12 months after construction completion.

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