Miajadas Biomass Plant

A 15 MW plant that can operate with different types of biomass

In service since 2010, the Miajadas biomass plant was the first in Europe equipped to use two types of raw material (herbaceous and ligneous waste), which means that the supply of fuel can be diversified. It was developed as an R&D project together with companies and technology centers in Spain, Finland and Denmark, with backing from the European Union’s 7th Framework Program for support to research.


  • Location: Miajadas. Cáceres. Spain.
  • Capacity: 15MW
  • Technology: Thermal generation from burning herbaceous and ligneous biomass.
  • Start-up: 2010
  • Owner: ACCIONA


  • First European plant to use herbaceous (corn stover) and ligneous (pruning and forestry waste) biomass.
  • Average annual production: 128 GWh, equivalent to the electricity demand of 40,000 homes.
  • 110,000 metric tons of biomass consumed per year.
  • 123,000 metric tons of CO2 avoided per year.
  • Creation of added value in the rural environment. 
  • Logistics system that guarantees the supply or raw material.
  • Monitoring, supervision and management of waste products and emissions.

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Energy is present in everything around us, and biomass is the best example of this. Find out all about Miajadas (Cáceres, Spain) and its biomass plant so that you can understand how this renewable energy source works.