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Largest infrastructure project in ACCIONA’s history

Concession to build and operate for 19 years a 15 km metro line with 15 stations. It will connect the center of the capital with its northwestern end, passing through several neighborhoods where the main university faculties of the city are located, linking the central region with the western and northern zones.

The Orange Line is the largest public-private infrastructure project under development in Latin America and the largest infrastructure project in ACCIONA’s history. A project that benefits the community and contributes to the city’s road system with modern, fast and sustainable transportation.During the construction period it will generate 9,000 jobs and once completed, it's expected to serve 633,000 passengers per day.


  • Location: São Paulo, Brasil.
  • Contract type: Concession for construction and operation for 19 years.
  • Infrastructure: 15 km metro line with 15 stations.
  • Year of project completion: 2025


  • 15.3 km of tunnel.
  • 15 stations.
  • 2 TBM.

Awards and recognitions


At ACCIONA, we want to promote programmes that involve the inclusion of diversity and that gender equality becomes not just an objective, but a culture. This is how all companies can adapt to new insertion alternatives with the same productivity record.

With the awarding and start of construction of the project, in 2020, the planning of the inclusion of female workers began in order to contribute to the diversity of the community environment,setting a target of up to 12% of female labour in different jobs within this project. Thus, the Women in Construction programme was born.

The project currently employs more than 500 women and in the case of the segment lining ring factory factory, 70% of the production line is made up of female workers. In total, it will manufacture more than 60,000 new segments to construct the line, which is expected to open in 2025.

This project is a demonstration that gender does not influence productivity and results, and that equal opportunities with a gender approach in civil engineering is fully viable.


Building Brazil’s largest infrastructure with women’s hands

Line 6 of the Sao Paulo Metro is the largest infrastructure project currently under development in Latin America. Seventy percent of its segment factory's workers are women. Learn all the details about this colossal project.

Present in the communities

Social responsibility in the project

The project’s social responsibility performance is focused not only on our workers, but also on the local community, where initiatives will be implemented to leave a social footprint during and after construction.

For ACCIONA, building sustainable also means leaving a social footprint in the development of its projects. There are currently two projects that generate different initiatives in the communities surrounding the plants: 


Iniciatives in the communities


An initiative of the Social Responsibility Department of the Metro Line 6-Orange Project, created based on ACCIONA’s culture of sustainability, which allows it to contribute with positive impacts for children, young people and the school community in general. It has the support of several areas, such as Environment and Occupational Safety and Health, to share knowledge and open doors so that everyone feels part of building the future of mobility.

  • Photography, podcasting and music workshops. With the aim of welcoming young people from underprivileged areas, artistic and cultural activities were carried out.
  • ACCIONA volunteers. We encourage our employees to be part of the team of volunteers to act in social projects.
  • Improvements in schools. During some visits to the most vulnerable schools, physical improvements are made, such as cleaning, painting, and small urban vegetable gardens.
  • Design workshops. Activities that stimulate young people from marginalized areas with art and culture.


It is a program based on socio-economic diagnostic studies of the route of the line, where it reflects the need to carry out actions for women in vulnerable areas in order to leave a positive social footprint. It includes four projects for the promotion of gender equality and aims to place women in vulnerable situations at the center of vocational training and income generation actions.

  • Threading destinations project. Women from the communities surrounding the construction sites are trained and prepared for a new profession. They have the opportunity to learn to sew on a sewing machine, sell their products and generate income for their families.
  • Beauty station project. To train women from vulnerable backgrounds to generate an economic income through courses in makeup, manicure, eyebrows, eyelashes, etc.
  • Cross-destinations project. Professional improvement for migrant women in vulnerable situations. Through short courses with the aim of generating a salary, insertion in the labor market and cultural integration.
  • Between the lines project. To strengthen and empower female students in the projects through round tables, workshops and/or activities that promote reflection on self-esteem, women’s health, the fight against violence and motherhood.



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