sustainable infrastructure

The Hospital is built on four levels with a total surface area of 32,409.00 m² and 236 beds. It is a sustainable infrastructure as it includes environmental measures that benefit and promote its operation.

The installation is of a 'Backbone Specialty' type and is designed so that each plant is specialised in outpatient, inpatient and Treatment and/or Diagnosis Health Care, complying with the premise of locating services and care in a consistent manner at each level.

The construction of the Hospital is sustainable as it incorporates a water treatment plant for use of resources in W.C.s and irrigation; solar panels for outdoor lighting and solar water heaters; in addition to extensive green areas.

General Information

  • Location: Metepec. Mexico
  • Contract type: Development of the executive project, preliminary architectural medical project, construction, permanent equipment installation, testing and commissioning of equipment and facilities, in addition to staff training assigned to handle the above, in the 'FAST-TRACK' scheme
  • Infrastructure: Each level has its specialty in outpatient, inpatient and Treatment and/or Diagnosis Health Care; plus 9 operating rooms distributed in the building and one in the emergency department. It has air-conditioned rooms (located on the roof), a wastewater treatment plant, guardhouses, ramps, tanks, receiving stand and a helipad
  • Year of project completion: 2012

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