PV plant hybridized with wind farm

Located in Granada, the photovoltaic plant will be hybridized with an existing wind farm.

ACCIONA Energía is developing a state-of-the-art photovoltaic plant in Granada (Spain), in the municipalities of Baza and Zújar, with a capacity of 29.54 megawatts peak (MWp) and the capacity to generate clean energy equivalent to the consumption of more than 17,000 homes.

The plant will be installed in the vicinity of the Los Morrones wind farm, which the company already operates, with the aim of sharing grid connection infrastructures and optimizing renewable energy generation. Between the two facilities, they will be able to cover the electricity demand equivalent to that of some 36,000 homes.



  • Location: Baza y Zújar (Granada)
  • Capacity: 29,54 MWp
  • Technology: PV-wind hybrid system.
  • Estimated Start up: 2025
  • Owner: ACCIONA Energía

key points

  • Photovoltaic production equivalent to the electricity consumption of 17,000 homes (36,000 homes with combined wind and photovoltaic production).
  • Avoided emissions (joint generation with the wind farm): 54,718 tons of CO2/year, with the same purifying effect on the atmosphere as 766,000 trees or taking 21,000 combustion cars off the road). Avoided emissions attributable to the solar plant alone amount to 25,916 t CO2/year.
  • Creation of 44 direct jobs and 56 indirect and induced jobs during the development and construction phase, and one direct job (and one indirect/induced job) during its entire operating life.
  • The hybridization of the new photovoltaic plant with the Los Morrones wind farm makes it possible to maximize the capacity of the grid connection point without the need to build new infrastructure
  • Investment program for social projects in the area.
  • Plan of preventive and corrective measures to minimize environmental impact.

Key figures


peak megawatts (MWp) total capacity


equivalent homes production


photovoltaic modules


CO2 metric tonnes avoided a year


direct jobs in construction phase

Environmental measures

The location of the solar plant takes into account the minimum environmental impact: it occupies farmland (without affecting the natural vegetation), it is located near the wind farm with which it hybridizes and takes advantage of the existing infrastructures (SET and evacuation line) to transfer the energy generated to the grid. This concentrates possible environmental impacts in a specific area and maximizes the use of renewable energy sources.

Preventive, corrective and compensatory measures will be developed to mitigate the impact on plants and animals, such as:

  • Agri-environmental measures to promote steppe bird habitat.
  • Formation of stands of natural vegetation distributed within the plant.
  • Placement of anti-collision plates on the fence to increase its visibility to birds.
  • Installation of insect "hotels" to favor pollinators.
  • Permeable and wildlife-safe fencing.
  • Perimeter planting with native shrub and tree species to favor their use by wildlife and minimize landscape impact.

social actions

ACCIONA Energía applies a Social Impact Management methodology that, through rigorous studies and constant dialogue with local stakeholders, allows it to maximize the positive impacts of its projects and minimize the negative ones. In addition, as part of this social management, the company invests in social initiatives that contribute to the socioeconomic development of the area and are framed in the following programs:

  • DESARROLLA Program: support to the agricultural and livestock sector or other relevant economic sectors in the area of influence to boost their activity and improve their performance, thus promoting the development of the communities.
  • CURSA Program: training to train people from the communities in which we operate and thus encourage the hiring of local personnel in the construction and operation of the projects.
  • COLABORA Program: promoting entrepreneurship for the provision of sustainable and resilient services that enrich the business fabric of the territories where we operate.
  • EXPLORA Program: socio-environmental education and awareness through an approach to the natural environment and ACCIONA Energía's renewable energy facilities.
  • DESCUBRE Program: promotion of responsible and sustainable tourism.
  • CRECE Program: alliances with entities that respond to the demographic challenge through the repopulation of the areas of influence of the projects.

In addition, the COMUNICA Program is carried out transversally, which consists of establishing close and bidirectional communication with the community during all phases of the project through different dialogue and citizen participation initiatives: meetings, dialogue tables, community meeting points, forums and surveys. We also coordinate with our contractors to promote the hiring of local labor and the use of local services in order to boost the local economy.


When Wind and Sun Go Hand in Hand

Wind farms and photovoltaic plants in the same space optimize the use of the electricity grid, reduce the environmental footprint of infrastructures, and boost renewable energy output.

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