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Following the experience acquired in thirteen years’ operation of the Mijadas biomass plant (also located in Cáceres province, south-west Spain), ACCIONA Energía is undertaking a new electrical biomass project in Logrosán that will contribute to the generation of renewable energy based on local resources (forestry and agricultural waste) and help the fight against climate change and boosting the circular economy.

ACCIONA Energía is building a biomass plant in Logrosán (Cáceres) that will generate clean electricity equivalent to the consumption of more than 100,000 households, using forestry and agricultural waste from the countryside of Extremadura as raw material. The project will also mean a major boost to the region’s development, with the creation of 400 direct jobs in the construction phase and over 900 (direct, indirect and induced) during the plant’s working life.

Once operational, starting in 2025, the new facility will convert around 270,000 tonnes of forestry and agricultural waste per year into clean, locally-produced energy, contributing to the fight against climate change and reducing the country’s energy dependence in the process. This environmental benefit is added to the major impact that the sustainable management of  forests will have, involving the removal of branches and clearing undergrowth to help prevent forest fires.

The project will have a considerable positive impact on the area’s economy, especially on the rural environment, by involving more than 200 self-employed professionals and SMEs. Their remuneration related to the forestry sector is estimated at 11 million euros per year.


  • Location: Logrosán (Cáceres)
  • Technology: Thermal generation from forestry and agricultural waste
  • Capacity: 49.9 MW
  • Average production: 376 GWh/year
  • Biomass consumption: 270,000 t/year
  • Entry into service: 2025


  • An electricity generation infrastructure that will have a positive impact on the surrounding rural environment, boosting agricultural and forestry activities.
  • Biomass is the renewable technology that creates the highest number of jobs. This project means 434 jobs during the construction phase of the plant and 932 direct, indirect, and induced jobs during the operational phase.
  • Average production of 376 GWh/year of renewable electricity, equivalent to the consumption of 108,000 households.
  • It will avoid the emission of 187,000 t/year of CO2 to the atmosphere, equivalent to taking more than 40,000 cars off the roads.
  • Consumption of 270,000 t/year of forestry and agricultural waste, contributing to the circular economy and the prevention of forest fires.

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