New basque country railway network. Section: Legorreta

New basque country railway network. Section: Legorreta


  • Guipúzcoa.Basque Country.Spain.

Acciona’s Role

  • Construction


  • The section of the new railway network runs southwest-northeast, crossing land belonging in the municipalities of Itsasondo, Legorreta and Tolosa, in Guipúzcoa province.
  • The route is 3,585 m long., between kilometre markers 206+890 and 210+475.Almost the entire section is through tunnels, with a total length of 2,941 m, while the remainder is via two viaducts over the Zubina and Lasarte rivers, which are 144 m and 382.6 m long respectively.
  • The length of the tunnel (2,941 m) and the safety recommendations for railway tunnel infrastructures requires two interim evacuation atriums, which are 40 m and 140 m long respectively.
  • The corresponding emergency platforms are located in the adjoining areas or at the exits. Furthermore, the decks of the two viaducts, which connect to the planned emergency platforms at either end, have also been taken into account to evacuate the tunnels in the event of an incident.

Completion date

  • 2014