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Energy Services Framework Agreement for the LECTA Group's plants in Spain.

Since 2018, ACCIONA has supplied energy services for the LECTA Group production facilities in Spain to correct inefficiencies and detect opportunities, resulting in cost savings and the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Through the development of engineering, inefficiencies are detected in obsolete processes and technologies so that, through the implementation of new equipment and facilities, electricity consumption is reduced while maintaining the existing operating conditions.

  • Energy audits and diagnostics to identify improvements.
  • Continued field engineering.
  • Replacement of equipment and installations with new technologies.


  • Client: LECTA Group
  • Start of contract: 2018
  • Location: Spain
  • Services: provision of energy services at the LECTA Group's production facilities in Spain.


In the first year since the start of the commercial relationship, ACCIONA has implemented operations in the three main production plants (Zaragoza, Sant Joan les Fonts and Motril), representing savings of approximately 5.5 MWh/year.

Technology and innovation

technological upgrading

The paper industry has very specific technologies in its production and process systems, which have developed significantly in recent years. In terms of digital transformation, ACCIONA is studying important technological upgrading projects with great savings opportunities.

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