Built with recycled concrete

The viaduct is a raised structure measuring 1.4 kilometres long, with four access and exit points, between the Ngong Shuen Chau Viaduct and the Eagle's Nest Tunnel.  With the aim of contributing to sustainable development through the use of environmentally friendly techniques, ACCIONA used recycled concrete during landfill work at the Lai Chi Kok Viaduct (LCKV) in Hong Kong.

The majority of the viaduct was constructed using a system of prefabricated concrete cantilever beams, with spans ranging between 45 and 85 metres. ACCIONA used recycled concrete during the landfill works on this project. The viaduct was completed in December 2006.


  • Location: Hong Kong, SAR, China.
  • Contract type: Construction.
  • Infrastructure: 1.4 kilometre-long viaducts, with four access and exit points.
  • Year of project completion: 2006


Most of the viaduct was built by casting the prestressed concrete segments that make up the viaduct, with spans ranging from 45 to 85 metres. 

The environmental benefits of using recycled concrete included the following:

  • Acoustic: The use of this equipment reduced the noise levels produced during its operation.
  • Environment: The environmental impact was minimal, as the dust generated during the crushing process was greatly reduced through the use of a spray system.
  • Waste: The dumping of a large volume of waste was prevented.
  • Natural resources: The use of new natural resources was not necessary for the landfill work.

El viaducto de Lai Chi Kok obtuvo el "Gold award" otorgado por The Hong Kong Construction Industry Safety award scheme.

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