Connects Granada to the coast

The Viaduct over the river Ízbor is located on the A-44 motorway, which connects Granada with the coast, on the Ízbor - Vélez de Benaudalla section, spanning the valley of the same name, 75 m above the river bed.

The Ízbor-Vélez de Benaudalla section of the Sierra Nevada Highway (A-44) runs through the province of Granada. This is a newly laid highway section measuring 10 km long, with six viaducts of different types, which together make up a total of 2,700 m in length and 5 million m3 of excavation.


The route passes through geotechnically complex terrain, where there are many active landslides which have made it necessary to carry out a whole range of geotechnical stabilization measures; it also has a very rugged topography, making it necessary to build six viaducts of different kinds, adapted in each case to the features of the terrain.

The viaduct consists of a single deck 24.00 m wide and 924.63 m long, divided into fifteen spans with the following lengths: 65.00 + 140.00 + 65.00 + 65.00 + 11x55.00 + 49.63 m.

In the first three spans, the section is a post-tensioned concrete box with a depth of 8.00 m at the support of the piers and 3.20 m in the centre of the span, with 8.00 m long prefabricated concrete javelins. In the 55.00 m spans, the depth is a constant 3.20 m.

The Ízbor viaduct has foundations at the bottom of the valley, avoiding the slopes on both sides, where there are large-scale landslides. The maximum height of the pier shafts is 70.80 metres.

The first three spans were built by means of successive cantilevers, and the rest by means of self-supporting shoring.


  • Location: Granada, Spain.
  • Contract type: Construction.
  • Infrastructure: Viaduct 924.63 metres long, with a 24 m wide deck and piers up to 70 metres high.
  • Year of project completion: 2008

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