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Located in the heart of the Aragonese Pyrenees

A reversible hydro plant with a capacity of 88.85 megawatts (MW) located in the heart of the Pyrenees in Aragon.

A hydro plant with a capacity of 88.85 megawatts (MW) in the form of a reversible pumping station with three sets consisting of an alternator, a turbine and a pump. It can supply clean energy to more than 16,000 homes. It has two reservoirs to complete the pump-turbine circuit. The higher reservoir is a lake (the Lake of Ip) whose level has been raised through infilling with loose materials to a maximum height above foundations of 28m, a crown length of 235m and a spillway capacity of 87 m3/s. It has a capacity of 5.3 hm3 (Lake of Ip). The lower reservoir (the Canfranc counter-reservoir) has a capacity of 0.43 hm3. It has a 32.2-meter-high buttressed-wall dam located on the river Aragon.



  • Location: Canfranc Estación. Huesca. Spain.
  • Capacity: 88.85MW (turbined), 99 MW (pumping).
  • River basin: Aragón.
  • Type: Pumping station.
  • Start-up: 1969.
  • Flow through the turbine: 9.9 m3/s.
  • Type of turbine: Vertical Pelton (3).
  • Pump: Four stage (3).
  • Net water fall: 935 m.
  • Owner: ACCIONA.


  • The plant pumps water up to the upper reservoir when there is a surplus of energy, storing it to generate power when needed. This helps to achieve a higher integration of renewable energies into the system.
  • A fall of almost 1,000 meters, the biggest in Europe when it was opened.
  • The upper reservoir has a high-mountain dam (2,119 meters above sea level).
  • The power station building was designed by the architect Miguel Fisac.

Key figures


MW (turbined)


MW (pumping)

9,9 m3/s

Flow through the turbine


tons of CO2 into the atmosphere avoided

935 m

Net water fall


equivalent households

Experience | Renewable Energy

The challenge of storing renewable energy

Thanks to the system of pumped storage, ACCIONA is able to respond to this challenge while fully respecting European Union directives that advocate the installation of ‘reversible’ hydro stations whenever possible.

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