Provide a water treatment solution that can favor water reuse in industrial environments

The INTEGROIL project aims to provide a water treatment solution that can favor water reuse in industrial environments.

The solution integrates technologies of flotation by dissolved air, filtration with polymeric and ceramic membranes, advanced oxidation processes and the addition of products and chemical formulations of low environmental impact. These technologies are controlled by a decision support system (DSS) capable of dynamically suggesting the most appropriate treatment train (among the possible options) to obtain water with an appropriate quality to be reused.

Within the project, a pilot plant has been designed , built and operated (Izmit Refinery, Turkey), that has allowed to demonstrate the operation of INTEGROIL technology in two different and representative scenarios of the activities of the oil sector. On one hand, the operation of the INTEGROIL solution for the treatment of produced water has been demonstrated, water that is obtained during the oil extraction process (upstream scenario). On the other hand, the INTEGROIL solution has proven to be able to obtain water for reuse from the wastewater that is generated during the oil refining processes (downstream scenario).

In the project, coordinated by the water business of ACCIONA, have participated other nine European entities, including technology companies (LIKUID, APLICAT, Innotec21, BWA, REP), universities (URV), consultanty firms specialized in environment (2.-0 LCA Consultants), professional platforms (EDS - European Desalination Society) and companies from the oil sector (TUPRAS). The consortium covers the entire value chain of the project, which makes easier for the developed technology to reach the market. In addition, the project has been supported by an Advisory Board composed of experts from the oil sector and other industrial sectors where the developed technology can be commercialized.

INTEGROIL project lasted for 36 months. Its budget amounts to almost 6 million euros and is funded by the European Commission through the H2020 Programme (GA688989).

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