World record in height-to-span ratio

This is an arch bridge over the River Duero, which links the river banks of Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia.

Design and construction of an arch bridge for vehicles and pedestrians, made with post-tensioned reinforced concrete, with two lanes in each direction, sidewalks and median.ç


The length of the viaduct is 380 m, with a central arch span of 280 m and a height of 24 m (world record in height-to-span ratio).


  • Location: Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal.
  • Contract type: Construction.
  • Infrastructure: Concrete arch bridge, with a span of 280 m and a height of 24 m, built over the River Duero, linking Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia in the city's historic centre.
  • Year of project completion: 2003

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