Will benefit 370,000 people between Ica and Poroma in southern Peru and Cáclic and Jaén

ACCIONA was awarded two new concessions for electricity transmission networks in 2023, strengthening its presence in the Peruvian infrastructure market.

The projects, in partnership with the Private Investment Promotion Agency (Proinversión), include the design, financing, construction operation and maintenance of power transmission lines in two key regions of the country. The total investment for this project is 119.6 million euros.

Both links, promoted by the Peruvian Ministry of Energy and Mines (MINEM), aim to guarantee a quality and sustainable electricity service. ACCIONA will operate these power transmission lines for the next 30 years from their commercial commissioning, scheduled for December 2026 and August 2027, respectively. These new concessions will benefit 370,000 people between Ica and Poroma in southern Peru and Cáclic and Jaén in northern Peru.

220kV Ica - Poroma link

The “220kV Ica - Poroma link, extensions and associated substations” project aims to increase the transmission capacity between Ica and Poroma. It will facilitate the integration of energy generated by the Punta Lomitas and Dunas power plants and future additions to the National Interconnected Electricity System (SEIN).


220kV Cáclic - Jaén Norte Connection Transmission Facilities (CTF) Link

The project “220kV Cáclic - Jaén Norte CTF Link, extensions and associated substations” focuses on improving the quality of electricity supply to the Bagua-Jaén electricity system, based on technical and economic efficiency criteria.


  • Location: Ica, Poroma, Cáclic and Jaén, Peru.
  • Contract type: Concession to design, finance, build, operate and maintain.
  • Infrastructure: Power transmission lines including links, substations, and associated extensions.
  • Year of completion: December 2026 and August 2027.

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