Significant part of the route passes through tunnels

The Gederiaga-Elorrio Highway was 6.44 km long, with separated two-lane carriageways along its whole length

In the Muntsaratz area, a new intersection connects this corridor with the N-636, giving the villages of Abadiño and Atxondo access to this new route.


A large section of the route passed through tunnels. The Gaztelua I and II tunnels both consisted of two tubes and were 594 m and 1,141 m long respectively. The artificial Gaztelua tunnel, which was 216 m long, was located between them, while the Atxondo cut-and-cover tunnel was 95 m long.


The main works included two viaducts, 865 m and 649 m long, which formed the basis for the connection of the new infrastructure with the AP-8, one of which branches into two, forming another viaduct that is 187 m long.

General Information

  • Location: Gerediaga. Bizkaia, Basque Country. Spain
  • Contract type: Design, construction, financing, operation and maintenance
  • Infrastructure: 6.44 km highway with separated two-lane carriageways along its whole length.
  • Project completion date: 2016

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