new ambulances

24 hour coverage

Provision of emergency medical ground transport throughout the entire community of Aragón

Since August 2018, ACCIONA, through its Healthcare Services, has provided a 24-hour emergency ambulance service in Aragón, with a fleet of one hundred new ambulances.  


The service works with approximately 500 healthcare professionals (doctors, nurses and emergency medical technicians) who have completed specific training and receive a continuous training plan.


ACCIONA also provides outsourced blood donation services for Aragón's public Blood and Tissue Bank. This service has four drivers, 12 nurses and four doctors who carry out an average of 1,000 assignments per year throughout the entire autonomous community of Aragón.


  • Client: Government of Aragón
  • Location: Aragón, Spain
  • Services: Healthcare transport
  • Contract start year: 2018

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