35 years working alongside Ford

Facility Management and integral energy management contract

Since 1985, ACCIONA has been Ford's service partner, providing internal logistics, maintenance, industrial cleaning, waste management and ancillary services at the Almussafes (Valencia) factory, the corporate headquarters in Madrid and Ford's plant in Romania.


It also carries out comprehensive energy management and operation and maintenance of the factory's power plant, guaranteeing optimum management and performance of energy use.


After more than 35 years working with Ford, ACCIONA was awarded the Gold Medal for "going beyond what is required, with a continuous search mentality in key areas such as quality, costs and productivity".


  • Customer: Ford
  • Start of contract: 1985
  • Location: Spain and Romania
  • Services:
    • integral energy management
    • internal logistics
    • maintenance
    • industrial-strength cleaning
    • waste management
    • ancillary services

Technology and innovation

Digital Energy Services Control Centre

A pioneer in the sector, ACCIONA's Digital Energy Services Control Centre joins Sustainability and Innovation, thus optimising consumption, achieving lower costs and reducing CO2 emissions for its customers.

The Control Centre is able to manage consumer energy collectively to provide digital energy services of flexibility and aggregation to the market, which represents a very valuable asset for the electrical system.

  • Optimizes consumption
  • Achieves lower costs
  • Reduces CO2 emissions of its customers

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