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repair and rehabilitation

ACCIONA in Joint Venture was awarded the contract for the repair and rehabilitation of the Fitzroy Regional road network.

As a result of monsoonal rain and numerous tropical cyclones across some areas of Queensland, the Fitzroy regional road network sustained an unprecedented level of damage between January 2010 and April 2010, which was further exacerbated by the 2011 flooding throughout Queensland. 

Some of the actions that have been undertaken are: numerous excavations and earthworks, protection of the  drainage works with the implementation of ditches, pipes and chests, creation of sub-bases, previously removing the pavement and damaged soil, expansion of the road and works in both embankments and cuttings.


It has also undertaken operations with soil-cement stabilization, bituminous irrigation, and implemented signals and road markings, without forgetting the environmental integration of all actions.

General information

  • Location: Fitzroy, Queensland
  • Our role: Construction
  • Infrastructure: The works included pavement rehabilitation of various sections of the Leichhardt and Dawson Highways and are located on the existing traffic alignment
  • Project Value: $AU93 million
  • Completion date: 2013

Project Milestones

ACCIONA and its JV partner were responsible for delivering the following superior outcomes:

  • 3.4M cost savings to the Client for gravel supply
  • 263,880 man hours LTI free
  • 95% completion of the training policy as required for the contract
  • 215 people employed on the Fitzroy Project

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