ACCIONA in Norway

Driving change in society through sustainable railway and tunnel solutions.


Investment in infrastructure adapted to the main global challenges, such as global warming, is necessary to achievethe Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In the context of climate emergency, the growing populationand urban concentration make transport infrastructure the pillar on which the sustainable development of society should be based.

At ACCIONA we respond to the adaptation and mitigation needs of the climate crisis. Through renewable energy, sustainable infrastructures and water management solutions we work to achieve sustainable regeneration wherever we operate and generate a positive impact on ecosystems and people in the communities.


ACCIONA is the first company to address the operation of infrastructure to contribute to the achievement of the 2030 Agenda.

ACCIONA in Norway

ACCIONA has designed and built more than 600 km of urban, road and rail tunnels and its innovative efforts have made it a leader worldwide, not only in the construction of these underground mega-infrastructures but also in the machinery used to build them: the tunnel boring machines. 

Supported by its leadership in tunnel boring machines, its extensive research in geotechnics and the philosophy of sustainability that it brings to each project, ACCIONA is the first foreign company to win a repeat contract with the Norwegian Railway Administration BaneNOR since the intercity programme began. 

    Our global experience in numbers

    1,637M €



    Renewable energy production (GWh)

    12 hm3

    Water treatment


    Thousands of tCO emissions avoided


    Workforce at year-end

    603 MW

    Installed capacity


    The company offers different solutions that respond to the challenge of developing infrastructure, products and services to fulfil the Sustainable Development Goals worldwide. Solution that have a positive environmental impact and provide growth while being both sound and profitable. The goal of making the planet a better place motivates us every day to work towards improving humanity's relationship with Earth.Discover all of our solutions

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    We support the achievement United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, which address the greatest challenges facing humanity.

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