Our projects in Europe

Offering solutions since 1948 in 12 countries

Portugal was one of the first countries to which ACCIONA extended its activities in 1948. It is present in the Portugal with most of the solutions it offers, such as renewable energy, construction of transport and civil infrastructures, water treatment and a number of notable contracts awarded in the automotive, hospital, food, health and energy sectors.

ACCIONA has been present in Italy since 1999 and has offices in Milan and Rome. The company has carried out significant works in Italy, such as the railway crossing between Bologna and the Milan-Naples high-speed line, the expansion of Fiumicino airport in Rome, the construction of the food and agricultural market in Romael, the sanitation and maintenance of water treatment plants in the Tuscany region, and sanitation of water networks in the Apulia region, among others.

ACCIONA has been operating in Poland since 1999, through Mostostal Warzawa, one of the largest construction companies in the country, 50.1% owned by ACCIONA. ACCIONA has historically participated in the construction of the most important bridges in the country and has also built stretches of motorway, stations, metro tunnels and residential and commercial buildings. ACCIONA is currently building multiple transport, social and energy infrastructure projects. In addition, it owns and operates three wind farms.

ACCIONA began operations in the United Kingdom in 2003 and built and designed Britain's first desalination plant, the Beckton desalination plant, which supplies one million people in London. It is the plant where ACCIONA used a pioneering technology for the first time in the world: the first process of reverse osmosis. In addition, ACCIONA performs energy consumption monitoring services, providing energy consumption monitoring and control services for important factories in the automotive sector.

ACCIONA has been providing water management services in Andorra since 2010 and has contracts for the operation and maintenance of wastewater and thermal sludge drying.

ACCIONA was the first Spanish wind farm developer to open a wind farm in Croatia. It launched the Jelinak wind farm in January 2013.

In Germany, ACCIONA has carried out renewable energy and civil construction projects, and currently offers handling services at Düsseldorf airport. It also provides energy consumption monitoring and control services to the main industrial car plants.

ACCIONA obtained its first contract in Norway in 2015, which consisted of the design and construction of two twin tunnels within the Follo Line project, which will link the cities of Oslo and Ski. The infrastructure is promoted by the Norwegian public railways administration (Jernbaneverket) and when it draws to a close, in 2021, it will be the longest railway tunnel in Scandinavia.

ACCIONA is currently building the Roskilde motorway in Denmark.

ACCIONA has a wind farm in Hungary, which it owns 47% of. It also provides energy monitoring services by applying verification and savings measures to different factories in the automotive sector of the country.

ACCIONA has begun operations in Ukraine with a photovoltaic complex in Dymerka. This is the company's first renewable energy facility in the country, and it has been operating since June 2019. The company is currently building two additional photovoltaic plants in the Odessa region and has a 75% stake in them

ACCIONA is present in Romania in the automotive sector with its facility services business. Its extensive experience of over 30 years providing specialised cleaning and integral maintenance services in industrial plants, makes it a renowned company in the automotive sector both nationally and internationally.

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Our projects in Europe