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We benefit the brown bear

24,000 fruit trees planted in six years in the Cantabrian Mountains to benefit brown bears.

The brown bear (Ursus arctos) is listed as “threathened” by the Spanish Catalogue of Threatened Species. This subpopulation slightly exceeds 40 individuals.


Various scientific studies indicate that reproductive success and the survival of the cubs appear to be directly linked to the availability of food, hence greater feed diversity would be supremely important for their recovery. 


This is why ACCIONA and the Brown Bear Foundation (FOP) initiated this project, with the main objective of enriching the hills where the bears live in Palencia and Cantabria by planting fruit trees to improve the availability, in terms of variety and amount, of food for brown bears


In total, from 2012 to 2017, ACCIONA planted 24,000 fruit trees of various species: cherry, apple, whitebeam, alpine buckthorn, alder buckthorn and rowan distributed in numerous copses to cover a larger enriched terrain.

Thanks to this project heir survival rate now exceeds 93%


A new hope for the brown bear

just as hope was running out for us, they arrived. They were humans, too, but they came to help rather than destroy. It was 1992 when the Brown Bear Foundation set up in our area, giving us a voice, protecting us, and our home, and fighting for our very survival...

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