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Active in projects in Spain, Mexico and Portugal

The group of nocturnal birds of prey plays an essential role in maintaining the ecological balance in many of the planet’s ecosystems. For this reason they are fully protected by legislation in numerous countries

In recent decades, some of these species have seen their populations drop in several countries because of the scarcity of appropriate nesting and breeding places due to the removal of trees and deforestation. 

In order to benefit populations of nocturnal birds of prey, ACCIONA initiated in 2012, a campaign to install nesting boxes appropriate for these species, which are being placed in a significant number of its facilities.

In total, 500 nesting boxes have been made for its installation in ACCIONA’s facilities: waste water treatment plants, water purification plants, solar plants, hydroelectric power plants, vineyards, buildings, etc etc. throughout Spain, México and Portugal

Thanks to this project, it is estimated that around 100 bird of prey chicks as barn owls, eurasian scops-owls, little owls, tawny owls, common kestrels and lesser kestrels are born every year.

The NGO Brinzal, which specialises in nocturnal birds of prey, offered technical advice in the project.

Furthermore, the Disabled Employment Centre of the Prodis Foundation, a notfor-profit institution whose purpose is to improve the social and working integration of young people with learning disabilities, have collaborated in the nesting boxes construction.

Some of ACCIONA’s nesting boxes have been occupied by colonies of bees. This is of great environmental interest as it benefits species which has undergone significant decreases in populations in recent years and which are essential for pollinating crops and conserving ecosystems.

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