different technologies in use

We protect wildlife

ACCIONA promotes research, development and experimentation of new technologies in order to gather precise information on the behaviour of birds and bats in wind farms as well as to propose improvement measures or to control impacts on their populations.

In addition to the usual monitoring and surveillance plans of wind power facilities at operational stages, specific studies are conducted for interesting species.

In this way, monitoring of the presence and activity of chiropteran in Croatia and Mexico, and eurasian eagle-owls (Bubo bubo) and golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) in Spain have been carried out.

Different technologies are being used in order to improve our knowledge:

  • Radar system. An effective tool that detects the presence of birds. It is very useful for determining migration routes, and allows for greater precision when making decisions in risky situations.
  • Detectors of bats. The chiropteran populations have been studied using different ultrasound detectors. This information is useful for estimating and assessing the potential risk of collision and for understanding the behavior of these species.
  • Ultrasound emitter. This is a system that generates ultrasounds at different frequencies. Through this means, audible signals are emitted for bats in order to scare these species away and thus avoid their presence in the wind turbine environment.
  • Experimental bird detection system. It consists of a surveillance system made up of high-resolution cameras that analyze images to detect the presence of birds, estimate the risk of collision and respond to dangerous situations by emitting an audible signal that scares the birds away.

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