Present in Domeyko, Cachiyuyo e Incahuasi

The Environmental Education Program seeks to promote knowledge about renewable energy, especially solar energy, among the students in the communities of the area of influence.

The photovoltaic plant El Romero Solar, in operation since 2016, is located in the commune of Vallenar, south of the Atacama region. Near the project are located three localities that have been the object of the community relations policy of the Energy division of ACCIONA: Domeyko, Incahuasi and Cachiyuyo.


One of the main initiatives to be highlighted is the Environmental Education Program, which seeks to promote knowledge about renewable energy, especially solar energy, among the students in the communities of the area of influence.


During the implementation period of the program this initiative has benefited 230 students (190 in 2017 and 40 students in 2018, from the Domeyko, Cachiyuyo and Incahuasi schools)

ACCIONA collaborates with the Educational Climate Consultant, aimed to develop health and education proposals for children.

The program consists of 5 educational workshops for children from kindergartens and rural schools, designed in modules of 8 sessions each. The central theme is solar energy and the sun as renewable energy sources, where through playful activities children can discover the functioning of these energies and also become aware of the importance for human existence of all the processes and cycles that are generated from the sun. At the same time, each session links its contents with objectives of personal values , attitudes and skills, with the objective of having a positive impact on the relations with the students.

At the end of each phase of the program, a closing ceremony is held which the children, teachers and school authorities, and are given a testimonial book of the workshop, where the experiences of the participants are captured. An exposition is made with the work done by the children during the program.

The workshops are structured based on a fantastic story and the presence of two characters 'Ramasol and Solaila' who dialogue with the children through letters and stories. They are developed based on a playful methodology with a strong component in literary and plastic artistic creation.

  • Workshop 1: Ramasol and Solaila, light travelers, helping children to recognize the value of friendship.
  • Workshop 2: Milrayos: Level Multigrade/first basic cycle, allow children to know more about the sun, the energy and also about themselves, their identity, their tastes, their family and their territories.


Thanks to this initiative, ACCIONA helps to improve the well-being of families, particularly children, in the communities in which it works. This is reflected in the implementation of the Program in different schools, which has been very positive, achieving the commitment and participation of the teachers, in which the entire local educational community took part.