Estaleiro Nordeste (ENOR)

ACCIONA carried out the Estaleiro Nordeste (ENOR) project, covering an area of around 260 hectares near the city of Coruripe, 100 kilometers south-west of Maceió, the State capital of Alagoas (Brazil).

The site is rectangular, with a length of 1,900 m and a width of 1,370 m, with two clearly horizontal levels. The first is located between spot heights +4 and +6, with an approximate length of 1,400 meters.


The second is between +30 and +40, occupying the remaining 500 meters. Both levels are physically separated by an embankment that crosses the plot across its entire width, parallel to the coast. Finally, the maritime area occupies the entire width of the plot with an approximate length of 400 meters, making up a total surface area of around 550,000 m2.


The activity of the shipyard is organized so that all the industrial area is at the bottom and the administrative/social areas at the top. Both levels are linked by roads that overcome the difference in height and a pedestrian bridge equipped with elevators.

In the basic project concrete structures were designed for the administration and social buildings, metallic structures for the all the workshops in the industrial area, a water supply network, a sanitation and drainage network, floating caissons of reinforced concrete for the dock area, treatment of the soil to improve its geotechnical characteristics against stress and deformation, and all the necessary service and industrial facilities.

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