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The oldest project in Cadiz

Lower impact and improved efficiency by replacing 90 old wind turbines with 12 modern ones

El Cabrito, the oldest wind farm in Cádiz province, has been repowered 24 years after its start-up in 1995 with the aim of improving its technical efficiency and reducing the impact on its surroundings.


The main change is the replacement of ninety 330-kW wind turbines of obsolete technology with 12 Nordex-Acciona Windpower machines (8 x 3 MW and 4 x 1.5 MW), maintaining the same total capacity (30 MW) and increasing the output by 16% due to the more efficient wind turbine technology and the highest availability of the turbines.

The project has also meant the removal of 3.4 kilometres of access routes, as well as platforms and transformer huts (totaling near 24,000 m2 recovered), all of them unnecessary infrastructures in the new wind farm.

Together with improving the surrounding environment, with less visual and noise impact, the passage of migrating birds has been facilitated by increasing the distance between turbines from 45 to 65 metres in a range that varies between 170 m and 300 m, depending on the position. The lower turning speed of the blades also represents a lower risk of collisions.



  • Location: Tarifa, Cádiz. Spain.
  • Capacity: 30 MW.
  • Wind turbines: 8 Nordex N100/3000 y 4 AW70/1500
  • Tower: steel, 85 and 60 m hub height.
  • Start-up: 1st quarter 2019.
  • Owner: ACCIONA.


  • The replacement of 90 obsolete wind turbines by 12 of modern technology, maintaining the same capacity.
  • Major improvement to the surrounding area: shorter rows of turbines, lower surface area occupied, greater distance between wind turbines, less noise, lower visual impact and easier passage for overflying birds.
  • Improved efficiency in the oldest wind farm in Cádiz province.
  • The project involves the complete dismantling of old wind turbines with lattice towers, the elimination of all foundations, platforms and roadways that are no longer necessary, the withdrawal and management of unusable materials and landscaping the affected area.
  • Around 112 GWh of clean energy output a year, equivalent to the power consumption of near 30,000 homes.
  • More than 107,000 tonnes of CO2 avoided annually in coal-fired power stations.

Social impact

We help to reduce the consequences of the crisis

€18,000 were invested in 2020 to offset the consequences of the crisis in the area, which has suffered a big fall in the number of tourists.

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    The story of how we came to control the wind

    The story of the human race is a fight to manage the elements and make them serve civilization. Tradition and mythology are full of brave people who challenged nature, sometimes with luck and sometimes without, allowing humanity to make an evolutionary leap forward...

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