Increased efficiency and performance of multi-fuel biomass plants for electricity generation


  • Location: ACCIONA’s biomass plants in Miajadas (Cáceres), Briviesca (Burgos) and Sangüesa (Navarra), Spain
  • Duration: 101/02/2015 - 31/12/2015
  • Participants: ACCIONA
  • Budget: 125.284 €
  • Additional information: EFIVUE-CV is a project in which the company received assistance co-funded at 50% by the European Regional Development Fund through the Operational ERDF fund 2014-2020 for Navarra.


  • Make current plants that generate electricity from multi-fuel biomass profitable in the electric power generation market and be operational for as long as possible based on their profitability, which will be achieved through increased efficiency.
  • Control CO and NOx emissions generated during the combustion processes of the biomass, according to current legislation, so that it can be considered a clean renewable energy source with neutral CO2.
  • Determine the impact of the new form of operation on the biomass plant – intermittent and at low load – on the working life of the boiler and its ancillary equipment.


The specific technical activities of the project are:

  • A technical study to determine the impact of the operation of the plant and low and variable loads on the working life of the boiler and the main ancillary equipment in the plant. Calculations on the effects of fatigue in selected components will also be made.
  • Check and analyze the great instabilities and perturbations produced in the current operation of the plant, and evaluate the causes that could create them.
  • Analyze (every trimester) the operational parameters of the combustion plant, at maximum / variable / intermediate / low loads, determining any actions to improve the efficiency of the combustion.
  • On-site tests of the new settings that may arise as a result of the recommendations in the analyses made.
  • Study the results of the tests and validate the proposed adjustments to the combustion parameters.

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