located in the heart of Barcelona

The Industrial business division of ACCIONA has built the integral installations of the Hotel Barcelona 1882, in the heart of the city.

ACCIONA has built the integral facilities of the Hotel Barcelona 1882, a 4-star hotel with 182 rooms, which is located in the heart of Barcelona, just a few metres from the Sagrada Familia. These facilities include: rooms, common areas, service areas and the hotel's roof, as well as the facilities of its underground car park with 118 spaces.


  • Location: Barcelona, Spain
  • Infrastructure: The hotel has 182 rooms and an underground car park with 118 parking spaces.
  • Installations: Electricity, air conditioning, voice and data, analog fire detection, plumbing, solar thermal, fire suppression and sanitation.
  • Client: ACSA obra e infraestructuras.
  • Property: Meridia Capital.

Some installations we have carried out are:

  • Air-conditioning system: It consists of a VRF air-conditioning system with 520 kW cooling capacity and an air-conditioning system with 3 natural gas heat pumps with 187 kW cooling capacity.
  • Electrical installation: 800 kW low voltage electrical installation. Medium Voltage Measurement Centre installation.
  • Voice and data installation. Installation category 6a with 400 sockets and 96 Wi-Fi wireless access points.
  • Installation of analogue fire detection.
  • Plumbing installation. Includes DHW production with 750 kW boiler and accumulation volume of 12,000 litres.
  • Solar thermal installation. Installation with 32 evacuated tube solar collectors.
  • Fire extinguishing installation. Sprinkler network, BIEs network with pumping group.
  • Sanitation installation. Pluvial and fecal networks.

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