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Turnkey contractor ACCIONA is design and constructing of 23 kilometres of four-lane highway in collaboration with Norwegian state-owned Nye Veier.

The E6 between Ranheim and Værnes effectively connects the largest regional centre with its most important regional hub, including the regional airport. To do this, ACCIONA has been awarded a contract worth NOK 4.3 billion to design and build the motorway, the project has a total cost framework of NOK 7 billion. ACCIONA's commitment consists of both the design and construction of the 23-kilometers of motorway, which includes 7.3 kilometres of tunnels, three new motorway bridges and five new two-level intersections.


As part of the upgrade of the existing tunnels, ACCIONA will build new portals and renew the infrastructure. This will increase the capacity of the E6 from two to four lanes and significantly improve traffic safety and reduce the need for detours during maintenance work. Construction, which started in 2020, is scheduled for completion in 2026. Until its re-opening, ACCIONA Construction will also be responsible for managing traffic and constructing temporary alternatives to maintain the flow of vehicles between the two key hubs.

 The new design and construction include following:

  • 23 km of 4 lanes compared to the two existing lanes (2+2)
  • 3 highway bridges (240 m, 290(x2))
  • 3 tunnels, 7.3 km in total (1.7, 1.8, and 3.9 km)
  • Many new overpasses and culverts
  • Project goals:
    • Improving traffic safety.
    • Improving traffic efficiency.


  • Location: Trøndelag, Norway.
  • Type of contract: Design and Construction.
  • Infrastructure: 23 km of highway including three tunnels, five two-level intersections and three highway bridges.
  • Construction end year: 2026.


Since the project was awarded in 2018, ACCIONA has completed basic design work with Nye Veier under the client-contractor association model being implemented in the Norwegian public works market. ACCIONA utilizes local entrepreneurs for much of the development

Basic design work included reducing the risk of unforeseen circumstances. It also optimised the road design to improve safety and traffic flow during the construction phase.


  • Være tunnel (1,700 m), constructing one new one and restoring another.
  • Stavsjøfjell tunnel (1,800 m), constructing one new one and restoring another.
  • Helltunnelen (3,900 m), constructing one new one and restoring another.

Highway bridges:

  • Hommelvik Bridge (240 m (x2)), 3,158 m2.
  • Sandfærhus Bridge (290 m), 3,615 m2.

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tunnels between 1 and 4 kilometres in length




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