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Three plants totalling 57.6 MWp in Ukraine

In June 2019, ACCIONA has completed a 57.6-megawatt peak (MWp - 44 nominal MW) photovoltaic complex in Dymerka, northern Ukraine, in which it invested 55 million euros. The ACCIONA's first renewable facility in the country produces clean energy equivalent to the consumption of over 26,000 Ukrainian homes..

The complex, located around 100 kilometres north-west of Kiev, consist of three adjacent photovoltaic plants (Dymerka 2, 3 and 4) on a site covering 92 hectares.


Fully owned by ACCIONA, this photovoltaic complex is equipped with 174,552 polycrystalline silicon modules mounted on fixed structures to produce 63 gigawatt-hours (GWh) per year, equivalent to the consumption of over 26,000 Ukrainian homes. This will avoid the emission of more than 60,000 tonnes of CO2 to the atmosphere from coal-fired power stations per year.


The energy generated is sent to the national grid and sold to the public utility company of the Ukraine, Energorynok State Enterprise, with which a PPA contract will be signed for the electricity supplied (up to 31 December 2029). Later, ACCIONA will sign up for the pricing system to be established for the Ukrainian market.


The Government of the Ukraine is promoting renewable energy with the aim of reducing the country’s dependence of imported energy and diversifying its energy mix. Within the framework of the Association Agreement the Ukraine signed with the European Union in 2014, the country has set the target of 35% of its electricity production from renewables by 2035.


  • Location: Dymerka, Kiev (Ukraine).
  • Total peak capacity: 57,6 MWp.
  • Total rated capacity: 44 MW.
  • Technology: Solar photovoltaic on fixed structures.
  • Start-up: 2019
  • Owner: ACCIONA.


  • First ACCIONA's renewable facility in Ukraine.
  • Wholly owned by ACCIONA, which also operates the plant.
  • Total investment amounts to 55 million euros.
  • Producción media anual de 63 GWh.
  • Clean energy equjivalent to the power consumption of 26,000 Ukrainian homes.
  • Energy sold to the public utility company of Ukraine Energorynok State Enterprise.
  • Around 60,000 tonnes of CO2 avoided in coal-fired power stations a year.
  • 174,552 polycrystalline silicon modules all over the complex.



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63 GWh

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