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Water supply for Sangüesa

The plant produces 5,760 m3 of water per day, both potable and for industrial processes, and includes two sections of potable water pipeline and two booster pumping stations for desalinated water.

The plant supplies the entire district of Sangüesa, including 15 integrated communities. It collects water in the Bardenas Canal next to the Yesa reservoir through a pumping system to a raw water reservoir.

The expansion of the DWTP, awarded in 2011 to ACCIONA, consisted of the reform of the storage facilities, preparation and dosing of reagents, improvements in decanting, as well as the construction of a new 350 cubic meter decanted water tank, the modification of the dosing of reagents and improvements in electrical installations, control equipment and automation.

General Information

  • Project: WTP Yesa. 
  • Entity: Service Association of the district of Sangüesa. 
  • Location: Yesa (Navarra). Spain. 
  • Design flow: 5,760 m3/day. 
  • Population: 7,700.

Key points


  • Mixing chamber. 
  • Two accelerator type decanters. 
  • Decanted water tank. 
  • Pump to 4 closed sand filters. 
  • Storage of treated water in regulator tank.

Reagents used in the process:

  • Coagulant, oxidised aluminium sulphate. 
  • Flocculent, anionic polyelectrolyte. 
  • Disinfection, chlorine gas. 
  • Disinfection reinforcement, hypochlorite.

Sludge treatment:

Drying phases.

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