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ACCIONA has been awarded a contract in a temporary joint venture with Aqlara for the operation, maintenance and conservation of the water catchment, treatment and storage installation at Tudela (Navarra, Spain), with a duration of for four years with a possible extension of one year.

This drinking water treatment plant (DWTP) will not only provide a service to Tudela but also to the towns of Castejón, Fustiñana, Cabanillas and Fontellas.

The water treated in the plant mostly comes from direct catchment from the River Ebro (6,000,000 m3/year) and is complemented by intake from nearby wells (2,000,000 m3/year). To a lesser extent, and where necessary, it is also possible to take water rom the Canal de Lodosa (10,000 m3/year).

ACCIONA has in-depth knowledge of the DWTP in Tudela as it participated in its construction in 1992, and later (in 2008) in the extension of the plant. The company also undertook the operation and maintenance of the plant from 1992 to 2009.

In line with ACCIONA’s commitment to sustainable development and the transition to a low COeconomy, through the operation and maintenance contract a number of actions and procedures will be developed with the aim of optimizing the energy consumption of the installations. To achieve this, ACCIONA and its partner will apply a certified energy management system as per the ISO 50001 standard.

General Information

  • Location: Tudela, Navarra 
  • Capacity: 35,600 m3/d 
  • Contract type: D&C 
  • Population served: 90,000 people


The Tudela DWTP has a raw water tank with a capacity of 6,000 m3 and a coagulation-flocculation chamber, three sludge traps, sand filtering systems, filters for sludge dehydration and a treated water tank with a capacity of 19,800 m3.

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