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Renovation of the water distribution system

The project has an overall budget of 217 million Canadian dollars and ACCIONA will develop it in collaboration with Brookfield Financial & North American Contractors (NAC).

The project includes the design and construction, operation, rehabilitation and financing of a 75,000 liter/day drinking water treatment plant and a 33,000 liter/day water storage reservoir in Saint John, in the northeastern province of New Brunswick, which will serve approximately 70,000 people.

It also includes improvements to the pumping stations and the water storage system, as well as the replacement of 22.4 kilometers of pipelines and the rehabilitation of another 19.3 kilometers.

The work, which is part of a project - Safe, Clean Drinking Water Project (SCDWP) - that Saint John is developing to ensure access to quality drinking water for homes and businesses in the area.


The city's plans are to build a new water treatment plant with a processing capacity of 75,000 liters per day and three 11 million liter storage reservoirs, and to implement 13 other improvements to the municipal water transmission systems. In addition to these projects, the development of aquifer extraction sites on the western fringe of the city is planned. This drinking water project will provide Saint John residents with cleaner, safer drinking water and allow the city to minimize maintenance costs.

General Information

  • Entity: Saint John City
  • Location: Saint Jonh, Canada
  • Population served: 70,000 
  • Capacity: 75,000 m3/d

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