Equivalent Population

42 kilometers away

The New Cairo project includes the Operation and Maintenance of the infrastructures that supply bulk water to New Cairo.

The water infrastructures to be managed will capture water from the River Nile, transport it 40 kilometers, and then treat it in a Potable Water Plant.

The system consists of two 2.6 meter diameter pipes each that run for 42 kilometers, plus 3 pumping stations. 

The pipes can transport up to 1,000,000 m3 per day as far as the Potable Water Plant, and from there to the regulating reservoirs. 


General Information

  • Project: New Cairo DWTP
  • Entity: Construction Authority for Potable Water and Wastewater (CAPW)
  • Location: New Cairo, Egypt
  • Average volume distributed: 500,000 m3/d.
  • Population: 6,000,000 inhabitants

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