Equivalent inhabitants

More than half of the population supplied

Drinking Water Treatment Plant.

General Information

  • Entity: M.O.P.T.A. - M.M.A. Dirección General Obras Hidráulicas
  • Location: Melilla, Spain
  • Population: 63,670 inhabitants
  • Capacity: 21,600 m3/day

Key points


  • Treatment flow
  • Regulation tank
  • Flow measurement
  • Flow regulation
  • Mixing and distribution tank
  • Reagents dosing: aluminium sulphate, lime, polyelectrolyte
  • Settling
  • Sand filtration (washing with water and air)
  • Treated water tank for filter washing
  • Washing water collection tank
  • Washing water collection tank
  • Treated water prechlorination and disinfection
  • Transformation center
  • Control (synoptic, automatically programmed, monitorized control point)

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