Inhabitants served

High salinity of the Víboras reservoir

With a treatment capacity of 270 litres per second, the DWTP is equipped with brackish water treatment technology in order to deal with the salinity of the Víboras reservoir.

Design and construction of the Martos DWTP. The plant has 2 water trains that include coagulation-flocculation, lamella settling with sludge recirculation, sand filtration and disinfection.

The second train differs from the first in that it includes a water salinity reduction step that uses reverse osmosis, upstream of the disinfection phase. The stages of the reverse osmosis process are: chemical conditioning, cartridge filtration and reverse osmosis (osmosis line: 15,552 m3/day). The plant also has a sludge train that includes a buffer tank, mechanical dewatering using centrifuges, and a dewatered sludge storage silo.

General Information

  • Location: Martos, Jaén, Spain 
  • Capacity: 28,512 m3/d 
  • Contract type: O&M 
  • Population served: 115,000 people

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