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Design, construction and operation, maintenance

ACCIONA has been awarded the contract for the design, construction and operation, and maintenance.

Once completed, the plant will provide a service to 283,000 people in the districts of Arraiján Cabecera, Burunga, Nuevo Emperador, Veracruz, Juan Demóstenes Arosemana, Santa Clara, Cerro Silvestre and Vista Alegre.


The new plant will produce around 150,000 m3 per day of drinking water in the first phase, although the design envisages a future extension of the infrastructure up to 227,000 m3. It will be equipped with the latest technologies in the treatment, automation and control of drinking water and will include a system of oxidation by ozone, a novelty in the country. Tanks with a storage capacity of 18 MG (68,000 m3) will be built to guarantee the continuous supply of water and a network of more than 25 kilometres of 60-inch cast iron piping.

The Arraiján drinking water treatment plant, tendered by the Institute of National Aqueducts and Sewerage Networks of Panama (IDAAN), will contribute to the improvement of drinking water supplies to the country’s urban population, one of the objectives set in the National Water Security Plan 2015-2050 titled “Agua para Todos” (Water for Everybody) implemented by the Government of Panama.

SIM (Social Impact Management) methodology has been implemented at WTP Ingeniero José G. Rodriguez construction´s project in Panama. It aims to promote the sustainable development within projects and is social impacts, by minimizing riks, reducing negative externalities and enhancing positive ones. Hence, improving the relationships with the communities and other interest groups.

ACCIONA is undertaking the design, construction and operation (for three years) of all the elements of the plant: intake, suction line, treatment plant, storage tanks and piping.

General information

  • Entity: Instituto de Acueductos y Alcantarillados Nacionales de Panamá (IDAAN)
  • Location: District of Arraiján
  • Population supplied: 283,000
  • Capacity: 227,000 m3/day

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