Expansion and improvement of the facility

The construction of the new water treatment module at the Chilibre DWTP (Panama) will serve a population of 150,000 equivalent inhabitants, increasing potable water production by more than 56,780 m3/day, in addition to the almost 950,000 m3/d that the plant currently produces.

The expansion of the Chilibre Water Treatment Plant (Panama) responds to the drinking water supply needs of the Panamanian population, providing drinking water to some 30,000 homes.

The Chilibre project has used the GIS methodology with the aim of improving the quality of life of the Panamanian people, implementing social and environmental initiatives in the surrounding area, as well as increasing the drinking water coverage in the area.

General Information

  • Client:Instituto de Acueductos y Alcantarillados Nacionales de Panamá (IDAAN)
  • Location:Chilibre, Panamá
  • Population served: 150,000 inhabitants
  • Flow: 56,780 m3/day

Key points

In the Chilibre DWTP expansion project in Panama, the Social Impact Management (SIM) methodology has been implemented. The objective is to promote the sustainable development of projects and maximize the positive social footprint, minimizing negative impacts, enhancing the positive ones and establishing a relationship with communities and stakeholders through initiatives with a socioeconomic and environmental dimension.

ACCIONA invests in and develops infrastructure assets to make our planet more sustainable. This approach is designed to create a positive impact on people's lives and on the planet, what we call regenerative. That is, making our actions people-centered, achieving a positive planet, striving to be a leader in sustainable transformation and integrating sustainable solutions to transform our businesses.