Design, construction, and operation and maintenance

ACCIONA has been awarded the contract for the design, construction and operation and maintenance for one year of the Bella Vista water treatment plant (WWTP), one of the three infrastructure plants included in the Water and Sanitation Sector Modernization Project (PMSAS).

The objective of the Bella Vista WWTP is to contribute to the improvement of both the health and quality of life of ESSAP users in Greater Asunción, as well as the quality of the Paraguay River, through the treatment of urban wastewater.

In addition, it also contributes to environmental conditions in terms of the quality of the Paraguay River by treating urban wastewater collected in the sanitary sewer system and disposing of it through a sub-fluvial discharge into the river.

The plant is located on a plot of 23.7 ha of surface, northeast of the central part of the city of Asunción. 



This plant allows progress to be made in the sanitation program, the first phase of which has already been awarded to ACCIONA. The company was chosen to rehabilitate and expand the sanitary sewerage networks in the Varadero and Bella Vista neighborhood basins, covering 52 kilometers, and the construction of their respective pretreatment plants. This first phase is completed with the construction of the Florencia Villamayor collector.

The Bella Vista Basin Wastewater Treatment Plant and Sub-fluvial Outfall Construction Sub-project is part of the Water and Sanitation Sector Modernization Project (PMSAS).

General Information

  • Client: ESSAP
  • Location: Asunción, Paraguay
  • Population served: 1,200,000 inhabitants
  • Flow: 4,400 l/s

Key points

The Social Impact Management (GIS) methodology developed in the WWTP Bella Vista project aims to contribute positively to the well-being of the community and other stakeholders, as well as to promote the sustainable development of the projects, through initiatives of socioeconomic and environmental dimension that mitigate the negative impacts of the project and enhance the positive ones.