We optimize the anaerobic digestion

The main objective of the DIGEST-UP project is to develop a new sludge pre-treatment technology to optimize the anaerobic digestion process of wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs), increasing the energy efficiency and overall sustainability of the system.

This sludge pretreatment technology uses the drain stream under alkaline conditions to promote hydrolysis and methane production. Its application is intended to reduce the amount of sludge produced and improve the energy efficiency of the anaerobic process. Thus, a stable and sustainable process in the sludge treatment line of WWTPs is achieved with this technology.


Experimentation in a pilot plant of pretreatment with secondary sludge has shown an increase in biogas production of 22% and an increase in methane content of 32%.

The DIGEST-UP project, that has funding from the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI), from the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities has been developed in Arroyo Culebro Cuenca Media-Alta WWTP, operated by the water business of ACCIONA and located in Pinto, Madrid.

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