Development of pv plant advanced tools

New tools for pv plant control, procedures and systems for prediction and production analysis.

General information

  • Location: Technological Innovation Department of ACCIONA
  • Duration: September 2015-February 2018
  • Participants: ACCIONA in cooperation with Public University of Navarra and companies specialized in programing services, Big Data/Machine Learning, thermography and forecasting.
  • Budget: €791,464
  • Additional information: Project financed by CDTI and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through its multi-regional operational program

Content and activities

  • Development of advanced tools for the operation and maintenance of photovoltaic plants to carry out automated analyses of the performance of their main components and the level of energy production.
  • Development and integration of advanced new plant control strategies in SCADA, with or without associated storage systems.
  • Development of procedures and measures to characterize and monitor the technologies used.
  • Development of LCOE sensitivity analyses.
  • Monitoring and characterization of photovoltaic technologies in desert environments.
  • Development of an automated inspection and thermographic analysis system for photovoltaic plants.

Participants in the proyect

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