Storage solutions

Cunningham is ACCIONA Energy's flagship battery energy storage project.


Located in Hunt County, TX, the Cunningham BESS is ACCIONA Energía’s flagship energy storage project.    The project is ACCIONA’s sixth investment in the State of Texas, joining the Fort Bend Solar Farm, Red-Tailed Hawk Solar Farm and the La Chalupa, San Roman and Palmas wind farms in Cameron County, TX. 


The 190MW/380MWh Cunningham facility will be one of the largest operating battery energy storage projects on the Texas grid. The facility, located 55 miles from Dallas, consists of 159 cabinets of 2.4MWh blocks manufactured by Sungrow and liquid-cooled cells manufactured by CATL.

The standalone battery storage facilities in this portfolio will supply power and ancillary services to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), the independent system operator of most of the state.  ERCOT manages the transmission, distribution and commercialization of electricity for approximately 90% of the state’s electric load, one of the most active markets in storage worldwide.

Battery energy storage systems (BESS) allow excess energy generated from clean, intermittent sources to be captured and released during demand peaks or system disturbances, allowing energy to be injected into the grid upon demand.

In addition, these systems contribute to reinforcing grid stability and improve energy security, offering a solution to unforeseen or exceptional situations such as Winter Storm Uri that impacted Texas in February 2021.  The storm left more than three million homes without electricity supply.


  • Location: Hunt County, TX
  • Capacity: 190MW/380MWh (2-hour storage)
  • Technology: Battery Energy Storage System
  • Timeline: Begin Operations: 2023
  • Owners: ACCIONA Energía


  • To date, Cunningham BESS represents ACCIONA Energía’s largest storage project in the world.
  • Site will feature 159 cabinets of 2.4MWh blocks Reinforce grid stability and improve energy security during peak demand periods.