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We improve Cosentino group's energy consumption

Energy management of the Cosentino Group's exhibition and distribution centres in Spain and its central factory in Almeria

ACCIONA improves energy activities for the Cosentino Group, the most notable of which include energy audits at all centres, the execution of engineering studies, implementation of solutions to improve efficiency and real-time consumption monitoring through ACCIONA's Renewable energy control center (CECOER)

The most notable activities include:

  • Analysis of energy consumption information.
  • Conducting energy efficiency audits or diagnostics.
  • Energy management, analysis and identification of energy-saving opportunities.
  • Presentation of energy efficiency initiative proposals.
  • Energy consumption monitoring/measurement.
  • Implementation, financing and implementation of initiatives.
  • Management of grants for energy-saving projects.

The replacement of lights with new versions, estimated to be 65% more efficient, as well as the replacement of high-consumption equipment, represent a significant reduction in the environmental impact and CO2 atmospheric emissions.


  • Client: Cosentino
  • Start of contract: 2017
  • Location: Cantoria (Almeria), Spain
  • Services: provision of energy services in the Cosentino industrial park (Cantoria, Almeria, Spain)


ACCIONA monitors factory consumption and distribution points in real time at its Digital Energy Services Control Centre in Madrid. The data obtained, processed using Big Data and Data Analytics techniques, detects abnormal patterns of power consumption and activates an early warning system.   

Since the contract began, ACCIONA has developed audits and studies of energy efficiency initiatives and has implemented energy efficiency projects in Energy Services in the Cosentino industrial park. One of its projects has been to upgrade the interior lighting of its warehouses to LED lights and to upgrade the exterior lighting.

Technology and innovation

Digital Energy Services Control Centre

A pioneer in the sector, ACCIONA's Digital Energy Services Control Centre joins Sustainability and Innovation, thus optimising consumption, achieving lower costs and reducing CO2 emissions for its customers.

The Control Centre is able to manage consumer energy collectively to provide digital energy services of flexibility and aggregation to the market, which represents a very valuable asset for the electrical system.

  • Optimizes consumption
  • Achieves lower costs
  • Reduces CO2 emissions of its customers

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