We support the community

The Oaxacas wind complex in Mexico is located in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, comprising the Oacaca II, Oaxaca III and Oaxaca IV wind farms.

ACCIONA carried out a diagnosis in the regions of La Venta and Santo Domingo Ingenio (Juchitán, Oaxaca), with the objective of reducing the impacts generated and obtaining first-hand information on the social needs that the Company might be able to support.


This program motivated the development of a Community Investment Plan, which includes a package of social improvement initiatives that are currently being implemented, with a total number of beneficiaries amounting to more than 20,000 people over the last few years.

Some of these initiatives are:


  • Prevention and detection of cervical cancer in women and prostate cancer in men.
  • Prevention of unwanted pregnancies and HIV among young people.
  • Actions for self-care and prevention of cervical cancer.
  • Actions for self-care and prevention of prostate cancer.


  • Construction of the La Venta Eco-efficient Center: Promote employment and human capital formation, fostering social, economic and environmental growth.
  • Educational Infrastructure: Construction of toilets for the schools, painting and fitting out of windows in elementary school, provision of construction materials for 4 classrooms.
  • Promotion/Support of sports in the communities: Donation of sports material and construction and equipping of soccer fields.


  • Creation of the Wind Energy Master's Scholarship Fund and the Higher Education Scholarship Fund within your reach: Contribute to training in wind energy. Supporting young people for higher education.
  • Technical course on design and manufacture of small wind turbines: Aimed at people with a career interested in creating micro-enterprises; manufacture with intellectual property of a 1.5 KW wind turbine.
  • Human formation and psycho-pedagogical workshops: Donation of furniture for the library. Training to promote literacy, Spanish and mathematics; summer course for the youngest members of the community.
  • Workshop on embroidery of typical clothing/computer skills, etc. developed at the Community Center.
  • Sustainability Classroom/Environmental Education: Development of the Sustainability Classroom in the communities neighboring the wind farms, voluntary waste collection; talks on environmental issues at the wind farms.
  • Support for higher education.
  • Self-employment production center for the manufacture of poles.
  • Promotion of the La Venta agricultural and livestock project through the creation of 11 rural production companies and 70 beneficiary ejidatarios.


  • Reforestation of certified protected areas.