We improve Caprabo's energy consumption efficeny

Energy management, cleaning, maintenance and last-mile services in Caprabo Group supermarkets.

ACCIONA is the energy efficiency manager for a large part of its supermarket chain. It collaborates with the customer to identify reforms to be carried out at its centres that improve the energy efficiency of consumer equipment: heating and cooling systems, positive and negative cold production, lighting systems, refrigeration cabinets, etc.


In addition, from the Control Center of Renewable Energy (CECOER), ACCIONA controls the energy consumption of the CAPRABO Group's centres in real time, contributing to improving the efficient use of energy.


ACCIONA also provides cleaning, maintenance and last-mile services in some of the chain's supermarkets, using electric vehicles for travel.


  • Client: Caprabo
  • Location: Catalonia, Spain
  • Services: energy, cleaning, maintenance and last-mile services.

Technology and innovation

Digital Energy Services Control Centre

A pioneer in the sector, ACCIONA's Digital Energy Services Control Centre joins Sustainability and Innovation, thus optimising consumption, achieving lower costs and reducing CO2 emissions for its customers.

The Control Centre is able to manage consumer energy collectively to provide digital energy services of flexibility and aggregation to the market, which represents a very valuable asset for the electrical system.

  • Optimizes consumption
  • Achieves lower costs
  • Reduces CO2 emissions of its customers

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