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Organic energy use in Castilla y Leon

A 16 MW capable of covering the electricity demand from 40,000 homes

ACCIONA grid connected the biomass plant at Briviesca (Burgos) in September 2010, a facility that symbolized the introduction of new technologies and the exploitation of energy of an organic nature in an eminently agricultural area in the region of Castilla y León.


  • Location: Briviesca. Burgos. Spain
  • Capacity: 16 MW
  • Technology: Thermal generation from herbaceous biomass
  • Start-up: 2010
  • Owners: ACCIONA (85%), Ente Regional de Castilla y León (15%)


  • Implementation of pioneering technology in the territory.
  • Average annual production: 128 GWh, equivalent to the electricity demand from 40,000 homes.
  • 102,000 metric tons of cereal straw consumed per year.
  • 123,000 metric tons of CO2 avoided per year.
  • Creation of added value in the rural environment.
  • A logistics system that guarantees the supply of raw material.
  • Monitoring, supervision and management of waste products and emissions.
  • Creation of around 100 stable jobs, both direct and indirect.

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