Bokpoort CSP Plant

The Industrial business line of ACCIONA is a member of a consortium that carried out the EPC contract for the 50 MW Bokpoort Solar Thermal Plant in Northern Cape, South Africa.

The solar thermal plant has a gross installed capacity of 55 MW with two thermal energy storage (TES) tanks with a diameter of 36/40 metres and a height of 18 metres. They contain molten salt that provides 9.3 hours of operation (1,300 MWht), using parabolic trough technology with 180 loops, 150 metres of collectors, and a Siemens turbine. The project involved moving 600,000 m3 of land; 9,000 foundations; and 200,000 inches of welding.

In September 2016, this project was named 'Best Renewable Energy Project in 2016' by the South African National Energy Association. During its first month of commercial operations, the plant demonstrated its storage capacity, producing electricity for a continuous period of 161 hours, or the equivalent of six days, setting a record for performance with this technology in Africa.

The project was also recognised for the contribution renewable energy makes to the socio-economic development of the local communities.



Project undertaken by ACCIONA's Infrastructure Division

Northern Cape, South Africa
ACWA Power
50 MWe
Contract type
EPC - Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Commissioning
Parabolic trough collectors with thermal storage using molten salts for 9.3 hours
Year construction ended


  • Thermal storage using molten salts for 9.3 hours
  • 180 loops in solar farm
  • Recognised as Best Renewable Energy Project in 2016 (by South African National Energy Association)