Award for best design in the Bridges category

The bridge is part of the A-30 Express highway that bypasses the city of Montreal to the south. It has a total length of 2,551 m and spans the navigation channel, the Beauharnois Dam and the St. Lawrence Seaway.

It consists of two 14.22 m wide decks, one for each carriageway with three lanes of traffic each. Of its total length, 1,500 m run over water and the rest over land. It has a vertical clearance of 38.50 m above the navigation channel.


Two different typologies have been adopted in the construction of the bridge. For the part that runs over land, a 45 m long prefabricated concrete beam deck has been used. For the part that spans the water, the deck is a steel/concrete mix, with large standard spans of 82 m in length, and a main span of 150 m over the navigation channel; the metal element is a steel box of 3.675 m in depth and variable width.

The following records were achieved during its construction:

  • Longest thrust length in North America (total thrust).
  • Longest thrust length of a span in North America (bracket thrust).

The Canadian Institute of Steel Construction presented ACCIONA Infraestructuras with the award for best design in the Bridges category for the bridge project over the Beauharnois Canal, built on the A-30 Highway in Quebec, through its participation in the 'Nouvelle Autoroute 30' joint venture.

At 2,550 metres long, the bridge over the Beauharnois Canal is the second-longest incrementally launched bridge in the world.

This award, presented on October 3rd, is one of a few awards received by the A-30 project in Montreal over the last few months, such as those from Quebec Transport Association and the Quebec Reinforced Steel Institute. In addition, in 2008 it was awarded the Gold Award, presented annually by the Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships, a benchmark body in its sector in Canada, and the North America Deal of the Year, which honours the year's most successful financial transaction in the sector, awarded by the renowned publication PFI.


  • Location: Montreal, Canada.
  • Contract type: Design, construction, operation and maintenance (PPP).
  • Infrastructure: The bridge is a 2.5-km long structure with a gradient of 3.5%, providing a clearance of 38.5 m above the navigation channel in the St. Lawrence River. It also holds the records for the longest thrust length (total thrust) and the longest single span thrust length (bracket thrust) in North America.
  • Year of project completion: 2012

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